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TBM blue

Jeans has never been so special before.

Blue. The rest doesn’t matter.
Indigo, in all its forms.
You can play: fibers, weights, textures, yarn and piece dyed.
The prints and the finishing.
How far the imagination goes, but it must be Made in Italy.
TBM blue: think unconventional, be unique.
Jeans has never been so special before.


Raw material

Not only cotton for a denim collection where research and creativity never stop.

The leading fiber for jeans fabric is blended with all natural and precious (wool, linen, silk, cashmere) and man made fibers (polyester, nylon, lyocell). Fabrics are both rigid and elastic, piece dyed and yarn dyed, treated with resins, foils and special coatings. Many proposals are jacquard and printed, for a full assortment of denim, allowing the jeans makers to offer a product no longer basic, but innovative and trendy.



An entire department of dyeing / finishing of TBM Group is reserved for the finishing of denim fabrics, the production of which must be kept separate from all others. To diversify its collection, TBM exclusively created the first machine in the world for the pure indigo dyed in piece. All the products of the group can be dyed with this dye stuff, thus giving to the world of jeans new development opportunities.

Take a loot at the production steps
TBM group – production.

Summer / Winter

Summer collection is featuring pure cotton denim lightweight for shirting, blended with linen and silk, along with stretch pants qualities of refined look.

For fall / winter cotton is mixed with wool and cashmere, in coordination with flannels for sport shirt, designed in stripes and checks.




Wearing pleasure

TBM Blue denim collection is appreciated by more designers worldwide, thanks to the exceptional innovation and diversified supply.

From Milan to Paris, from London to Los Angeles, the most prestigious labels and specialists rely on TBM Blue denim fabrics to give a special touch to their collections.



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